November Mourning: A mother’s journey to find comfort and solace following the death of her son

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November Mourning:  A mother’s journey to find comfort and solace following the death of her son

No one should have to experience the death of their own child. Mary Jane Cronin has written not just a fact-filled book about loss and grief , but one that included her personal journey to understand, accept and heal following the 1998 murder of her own son. In this country, over 75,000 children under the age of eighteen die every year. And this fear becomes a reality. November Mourning offers insight and hope as it explores the many emotions parents often feel following the loss of a child. Travel with Mary Jane through denial and anger as her own quest leads her to one day find acceptance and comfort. Learn about the stages of grief and techniques to help move through them easier. Discover what other parents have said and done to help reduce their own suffering. Recognize the physical and emotional symptoms of grief. See how people can help or hinder your healing. Research has shown it does not matter whether their child was a newborn or an adult, the natural order of life these parents have come to trust, and their very existence and purpose are forever changed. November Mourning addresses the many emotions parents may face in a world they now know holds no promises of safety or longevity.

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Author: Mary Jane Cronin

ISBN: 9780615239781

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