Saying Goodbye to my Awesome Pet: An Activity Book for the Grieving Child

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Saying Goodbye to my Awesome Pet: An Activity Book for the Grieving Child

No one heard me sobbing myself to sleep after Bootsy’s death. I even wrote a song for her but I never (got to? ) share it.” There was nowhere for seven-year-old Laurie Van-Si to express her grief after her beloved cat’s death. But decades later she can still recite that song. Losing a pet in childhood is a profound event that is seldom forgotten. It’s an early influence on our understanding of life itself. Laurie Van-Si’s new book, The Story of My Awesome Pet, provides children with a way to navigate their grief that is both soothing and creative. Its engaging, open-ended questions and enjoyable activities encourage kids to write their own unique stories in a meaningful way and at their own developmental levels. Experts in child development agree that honoring a child’s bereavement helps them move through their grief and into healing. The Story of My Awesome Pet can serve as both a powerful guide on that journey and an ongoing source of comfort for a heartbroken child.

NOTE TO PARENTS: This book is for educational purposes only. Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for long-term emotional concerns after the child has read it. Consult a psychologist if your child seems overly anxious or preoccupied with their pet’s death.

Book Information

Author: Laurie Van-Si, M.S. Ed.

ISBN: 9781479789153

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