Someone Is Sick: How Do I Say Goodbye?

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How Do I Say Goodbye?

This book is the book that prepares children for the death of a loved one. What can they expect to see? How do we talk to them? How do we help them get ready? How do they keep their memories alive? It can be read to younger children- the language is appropriate and clear.

This book also includes helpful tips for parents and family about how to help children while someone is dying, and how to make their grief process easier. This was written by a former hospice social worker who also provided school-based bereavement groups. It's what every family with younger people asks for - it answers their question "What do I say? What is too much?" Children need to learn that death is part of life, and grief is a process that is normal. If we treat the death of a loved one as a part of the cycle of life, and we talk about it openly, children will do better with loss throughout their lives. This is the way to start.

Book Information 

Author: Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW

  • ISBN-13: 978-0999788615


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