Sons of Suicide

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Sons of Suicide: A Memoir of Friendship

Sons of Suicide weaves themes of life-shattering tragedy and life-affirming friendship in a moving memoir. 

Rick and David meet in high school and soon realize they share a heartbreaking secret: Each of their mothers took her life just a few years earlier. Feeling lost and abandoned, they bond instantly. Decades later, they learn that two other close friends had also lost parents to suicide. Over time, each of the four sons opens up about how his parent's decision changed him and the course of his life. They soon discover that they are more than friends. They are brothers.

Tom: "I talk to almost nobody about Dad's suicide and my feelings. But with you guys, I'm comfortable talking about any and all aspects of what I went through..."

Dennis: "When she killed herself, I immediately thought that I had not done enough to help her..."

David: "Have I forgiven my mother for taking herself from me? I don't know. Is suicide a selfless or a selfish act? Again, I don't know ... and probably never will."

Rick: "Forgiving is hard, but possible ... eventually. Forgetting is impossible ... always."

Book Information

Author: Richard Knapp & J. David Pincus

ISBN-10: 1733828702

ISBN-13: 978-1733828703

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