Stage VII: Death: The Coping Mechanism of the Health Professional

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Stage VII: Death:  The Coping Mechanism of the Health Professional

This is the final product of my work. It is the final stage of my life, my major growth and my major development. Thus, this is the final step on the HARPER SCHEMATIC COMFORTABILITY SCALE. When I conceptualized the first five stages during my employment at the City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, California I did not know other stages existed. Stages VI and VII emerged as I continued to grow, develop, expanded my knowledge, theoretical and conceptual frames of reference in relation to death, dying and their impact on me and other health professional. Death is one of life’s uncertainties, especially the time and place. The only certainty is that death is a certainty. This final book is about us: Health professionals, our families, our death and our dying, Life, living, death and dying are connected like chains in a barbwire fence. When there is a death in the family the chain is broken, but it will or may come back together in a different form. This I have learned after getting an understanding of the health and social care needs of patients and families and the important role of the health, mental health and social care systems, institutions, care givers and other providers. Thus, the health professional became my foci and my practice wisdom dictated that the health professional had the responsibility of helping to humanize the health, mental health and social care delivery systems. The health care professionals hold the keys for the patients and their families’ last chance to receive love, caring, deep compassion and for the patients to die with dignity and respect.

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Author: Dr. Bernice Catherine Harper

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