This Time of Caregiving: Words of Encouragement & Hope

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This Time of Caregiving: Words of Encouragement & Hope

James E. Miller and Christen Pettit Miller begin by acknowledging that becoming a caregiver for another can be a daunting and tiring task, often ranked as one of life’s most challenging experiences. They proceed to offer encouragement and support, especially to new caregivers but also to the more experienced. Both authors, professional and family caregivers themselves, name and explain twelve confirming truths about this important role.

Chapter titles include: "The age-old advice was never truer: one day at a time." "Must you surrender to this experience? Certainly. And absolutely not!" "Amid all the ordinary and the practical, your caregiving can hold a sacredness."   
As the authors write, "Remember that by grounding your caregiving in love, and by proceeding as gently, competently, and authentically as you are able, you are giving deeply of yourself and graciously to the other. No one can ask more."
Each page is filled with comfort and hope and is full of floral line art by Katherine Misegades. It also includes quotations from the ages.

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Author: James E. Miller with Christen Pettit Miller

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