Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies, The (DVD with Study Guide booklet)

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The Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies (DVD with Study Guide booklet)

Whether due to a long-term illness or a sudden death, a parent’s dying is perhaps the most devastating loss a child, teen, or young adult will experience during their formative years.  The pain may last a lifetime.  We, as caregivers, friends, and community members often find ourselves wondering: What can I say?  What information should I share about the death?  how do children and teens express their grief?  How can I be of help? Many questions are answered by children, teens, and young adults in their own poignant words, in The Tomorrows Children Face When A Parent Dies.  This revealing documentary shows some of the ways a young person deals with saying goodbye to a dying parent; finding out about a parent’s death; not having the opportunity to say goodbye; and the value of rituals.  It also looks at children’s views on spirituality, going back to school; grieving as a family; surviving the holidays and grief over time. The DVD highlights the help available to bereaved children through grief loss groups.  Features are The Dougy Center for Grieving Children, a nationally recognized grieving center for children and families, and the Ridgefield High School Grief Loss Group.  Additional insight about the issue of children and bereavement is provided by clergy, counselors, and surviving parents.

Product Information 

A Dougy Center resource

Run Time: 47 minutes.

Recommended for viewers 10 and older.

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