Voices of Strength: Sons and Daughters of Suicide Speak Out

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Voices of Strength: Sons and Daughters of Suicide Speak Out

Statistics show that there is one suicide every 16.1 minutes, and thus, six new survivors of that suicide every 16.1 minutes. In this deeply moving but also practical book, authors Judy Zoints Fox and Mia Roldan share the results of their survey of children of a parental suicide. Exploring the ways their lives have been affected and addressing the emotional, psychological, and physical effects, daughters and sons of all ages — from children to adolescents to adults — reveal their reactions. The authors link these responses to the insights of therapists, clergy, a criminal investigator, and others — friends, classmates, work colleagues, relatives — as they discuss what is helpful to suicide survivors and what is not. Voices of Strength helps survivors make sense of life's least understandable act and shows them how to heal by focusing on comfort, memories, recovery, and hopes for a productive future.

Book Information

Author: Judy Zionts Fox, RN, LSW and Mia Roldan

Foreword by 24th U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  

ISBN-10: 0882823337

ISBN-13: 978-0882823331

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