We Lost Her

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We Lost Her: Seven young siblings’ emotional and spiritual real-life grief journey after their mother’s tragic death

We Lost Her is a unique book that takes the reader on a real life, intimate journey of grieving children. Seven siblings, ages seven to seventeen at the time of the tragedy in 1970, relate how they each dealt with the news of their mother’s tragic death. The book chronicles their mourning and how grief impacted their lives both then and now. The story is told through the eyes of Ellen, the third oldest sibling and weaves an intimate tapestry of loss, family grief and pain, self-help, growth and learning.
Travel with her as she relates her own and her siblings’ journey as they coped with their mother's tragic loss and father’s struggle to parent them as he grieved. It is a story of loss, hope and renewal of faith and spirituality. A testament to how children can grow stronger through adversity and how a person can influence lives, even after death. Each child dealt with their grief differently, and each child ultimately made it to adulthood stronger individually and as a family, against the odds.
This is the author's first work and one that has been in her heart for many years. She hopes that their journey will help her readers explore their own personal and family grief processes. We Lost Her is a story about grief but more importantly, a story about how grief can spur growth in an individual’s life and the life of a family. The book ends with a chapter of helpful insights and ideas about helping others grow through grief.
If you are grieving, helping others who are grieving, questioning your faith or need a boost of inspiration and determination, We Lost Her is here for you. It is an instructive, honest read for anyone who cares for grieving people.
The author, Ellen Krohne, is donating half of all profits from the sale of the book to the not-for-profit organization, Heartlinks Grief Center, a program of Family Hospice based in Belleville Illinois, that provides grief counseling and services to all in southwestern Illinois. She serves as a volunteer there and on the board of directors.

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Author: Ellen Krohne

  • ISBN-10: 197568673X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1975686734
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