What Does That Mean?: A Dictionary of Death, Dying and Grief Terms for Grieving Children and Those Who Love Them

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Here are all the words that puzzle children and adults as well. How do you tell a six-year-old about cremation? What is a mausoleum? In this delightfully simple book, two leading bereavement authors give the meaning of the word, use an example or story and quote a resource to further explain.
From the “Getting Started” section: Grieving people of all ages need words to verbalize and talk about their losses. We all need words to comfort grievers. So what does a word mean? Words can comfort and affirm children and words can confuse or frighten them. Words mean different things to different people. Most children have a smaller vocabulary with which to describe their feelings. Children hear certain words and confuse them with other meanings. Consider, in a child’s world, Mourning and Morning; Dead Body and Dead Wrong. And there’s the common word, Terminal. You can talk about life-ending illness or an airport using the same word.

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Author: Harold Ivan Smith and Joy Johnson

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