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A Dictionary of Death, Dying and Grief Terms for Grieving Children and Those Who Love Them

Here are all the words that puzzle children and adults as well. How do you tell a six-year-old about cremation? What is a mausoleum? In this delightfully simple book, two leading bereavement authors give the meaning of the word, use an example or story and quote a resource to further explain.
From the “Getting Started” section: Grieving people of all ages need words to verbalize and talk about their losses. We all need words to comfort grievers. So what does a word mean? Words can comfort and affirm children and words can confuse or frighten them. Words mean different things to different people. Most children have a smaller vocabulary with which to describe their feelings. Children hear certain words and confuse them with other meanings. Consider, in a child’s world, Mourning and Morning; Dead Body and Dead Wrong. And there’s the common word, Terminal. You can talk about life-ending illness or an airport using the same word.

Book Information

Author: Harold Ivan Smith and Joy Johnson
ISBN10: 1-56123-196-7
ISBN13: 978-56123-196-6

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