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12 Things to Remember When You Have Suffered a Loss

This classic book about grief was written for two different audiences: those who are actively grieving and those who are concerned about the grieving, wanting to help them. So it’s two books in one; there is no back to this book—only two fronts.
The chapters in What Will Help Me?:  12 Things to Remember When You Have Suffered a Loss are made up of encouraging, validating ideas. Chapter titles include, “By giving your loss expression, you’ll begin to heal,” “Your grieving, timing, and progress in healing are all uniquely yours, and that’s as it should be,” “Sometimes it makes perfect sense to act a little crazy,” and “Not all your questions will have answers, but they’re worth asking anyway.” A confirming affirmation ties all the thoughts together.

The chapters in How Can I Help?:  12 Things to Do When Someone You Know Suffers a Loss are in the form of specific, practical actions one can take as one relates to the bereaved. Ideas include, “Allow the other her or his privacy,” “Trust the other to lead you,” “Journey with the other in the search for meaning,” and “Open yourself to what this experience holds just for you.”

Book Information 

Author: James E. Miller
ISBN10: 1-885933-19-3 ISBN13: 978-1-885933-19-5

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