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Little whispers in the night,
as I lay beside her bed.
I strained so hard to hear the words;
what had my Mama said?
Were they words reflecting a time long past;
with her parents on the farm?
Or a time when she had little ones;
keeping them from harm?

Some of it was gibberish,
but within the gentle sound;
was comfort knowing she was here –
in this moment – Now!
I’ve left her room, it’s time to go;
now I am homeward bound,
So high above the billowing clouds,
where glimpses of Heaven are found.

Where her soul may someday soon take flight;
and she’ll live in a land where there is no night.
Where her voice will then be bright and strong,
and she’ll praise her Savior all day long.
I know not when we’ll meet again –
our good-byes have been said.
But ‘til then I’ll remember,
little whispers from her bed.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR-----------------------

Laurene Fromer Duffy is one of eight children born and raised in Michigan but has made her home in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, for thirty years. She has been married to her husband Jim for thirty-seven and a half years, has four grown children and has the most beautiful “crop” of grandchildren. Laurene enjoys various crafts, singing, spending time with family members, writing songs and writing an occasional poem. She is entering her fourth year as the Community Outreach Director for Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque, an organization that provides for the needs of young men and women who are facing unexpected pregnancies. Having a passion for life, this is a perfect fit for my “late in life” career.