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My grandmother, known to all her grandchildren as Nana, was in the hospital. She was terminally ill with bone cancer. When I was free from work with my rotating schedule, I would drive my mother to visit Nana in her hospital room. One day my mother and I went to visit Nana. She was lying in her hospital bed. She could no longer get out of bed and move around. We walked into her room and kissed her hello.  

Nana was very excited and had something important to tell us. She told us she had a visitor the night before. She said the wall opposite her bed opened up and a “princess” with sparkles and lights came out the opening in the wall and visited with her and spoke to her.  

My mother and I were concerned to say the least.  We were frightened by what we thought were hallucinations or nightmares Nana might be having in her final days.

We went and found her physician. We told him what Nana had said and asked him to check on her and see if she needed medication.  

He went into her room and greeted her and she returned his hello. He asked her all the usual questions medical professionals ask when checking for dementia or hallucinations; “What day is it?  Where are you?  Who is the president?”  

Nana answered them all correctly and without any difficulty. The doctor looked at my mother and me as if to say maybe I should be asking the two of you the same questions.

When the end finally came Nana was no longer in pain. She was missed by one and all whoever had the pleasure of knowing her.    

For many years I ran grief and Post Traumatic Stress groups; helping people deal with either the loss of a loved one or the terrible stress of horrific incidents. I have done quite a bit of reading and research on both subjects. One day I was reading a book by a professional in the field of grief, whose writings I enjoyed. In the book, the author said that some people when near death are sometimes visited by angels or loved ones, preparing them for their pending death. The author went on to describe the physical appearance of such a visiting angel. The description perfectly matched the description Nana gave us about her mysterious visitor.  

There is no doubt in my mind that Nana was visited by her angel to prepare her for her journey to her heavenly home.

About the Author------------------

Keith Bettinger is a retired Suffolk County (N.Y.) Police Officer. He’s been writing for law enforcement publications for more than 35 years and has received 22 awards for his articles, stories, poems, and books. He has a Master’s Degree in Human Relations with a major in Clinical Counseling. During his career he received the department’s Bravery Medal, Silver Shield Award, Meritorious Police Service Award, Special Service Award, Professionalization Award, Department Recognition Award, five Headquarters commendations and six Precinct commendations. He also was a field training officer and an instructor on Post Shooting Trauma and Critical Incidents. Keith has written three books, Fighting Crime With "Some" Day and Lenny, End of Watch and Murder in McHenry. He has also contributed stories to the following anthologies: I Pledge Allegiance, Cop Tales 2000, Charity, True Blue, To Protect and Serve, and Dad’s Bow Tie. He also shares with Jack Miller, the screenplay Master Cheat. Keith lives in Las Vegas with his wife Lynn.