Why? Why? Why?

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Why? Why? Why?

There is no loss as terrible as the death of a child, no agony like imagining what could have been, no comfort for a grieving mother. For poet and painter Georgia A. Cockerham, this became a stark reality in 2003, upon the passing of her youngest son.

It was enough to silence her writing for years as she adjusted to life in her new world—a world of darkness and isolation, a blank space where Zachary used to be. But upon picking up the pen again, Cockerham found that her pain poured out onto the page in unexpected ways, gradually lighting her way out of a dark fog.

Why Why Why is a collection of poems reflecting one mother’s long journey toward hope and healing, featuring verses that capture the depths of despair and the many complexities of grief. Through sharing her innermost feelings and experiences, Cockerham offers a message of hope to others facing unspeakable battles in life, providing a powerful voice to those who mourn in silence.

Book Information 

Author: Georgia A. Cockerham

  • ISBN-13: 978-0989240819



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