Grief Digest Information

Unfortunately, after 16 years, this will be our last year publishing the printed copy of Grief Digest, so we're no longer promoting subscriptions, but you can still get our final year, as you'll still be able to get four quarterly issues for your subscription (item code 3PEC in our store). Also, you will still have the opportunity to access our online articles. And you will still be able to submit articles for the remaining Grief Digest printed issues, then for the online- And we also have past issues you can download for $2.00, search Grief Digest and check out all the files available. We also have printed back issues available for $3.00.

We want to thank everyone for their support and for trusting us as a place to share personal stories that has helped countless grieving individuals and families over the years. It's been an amazing journey and we will continue to share a platform that offers support, information and hope online through our website.