When Something Terrible Happens

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Children Can Learn to Cope with Grief

This book was designed to use the art process to teach children who have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event some basic concepts about trauma and provide an opportunity to learn about and express related feelings.  Misconceptions may be revealed, conflicts resolved and self-esteem increased while coping skills are developed.   Terrible things happen to children.  Traumatic events in the lives of their families, their friends or in the world leave children feeling confused, insecure and frightened.  Some things happen in nature like floods and earthquakes.  People also cause violence and trauma.  This book is designed to help children understand and cope with overwhelming feelings from loss and change.  Creating art provides a method for expressing feelings children are unable to understand or express verbally.  Drawing a fearful event puts the drawer in charge and presents an opportunity to overcome feelings of helplessness and fear.

Book Information 

Author: Marge Heegaard
ISBN10: 0-9620502-3-7
ISBN13: 978-0-9620502-3-7

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