Baseball Forever!

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Baseball Forever!

Baseball is a universal sport, and one that Margie found to be a useful metaphor helping young boys process the thoughts/feelings associated with loss.  Using the metaphor of a baseball team, Margie’s book focuses on values and strengths which can be harnessed, allowing movement and transformation.  The reader moves from grieving the loss of the physical presence of the loved one, into acceptance, resilience, and commemoration of them.  A family is devastated when a twin dies unexpectedly.  No one is more devastated than his brother, Jeremy.  The boys were best friends and baseball fanatics…both as players and as pro-baseball fans. But as he writes a speech about his brother for a school assembly, Jeremy not only deals with his grief but also makes a friend and helps another boy deal with the death of his father.

Book Information

Author: Margaret Grebin

ISBN10: 1-56123-215-4

ISBN13: 978-156123-215-4

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