Children: Surviving Traumatic Death

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Children: Surviving Traumatic Death

This book is singularly focused on the traumatic nature that death presents in children’s lives. Yet it is also varied in scope, ranging over a variety of topics, from supporting children during disaster, through the benefits of death education, to the value of ritual in helping children adjust to a radically altered set of circumstances following loss. All of the chapters, in some way or other, offer guidance to those seeking to provide help and support to children experiencing some kind of loss, including practical steps on how to comfort children or how to talk to them about death. It will, I am sure, be a valuable resource to those who, either through their work or through personal circumstances, are brought into contact with children in the midst of grief.

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Authors: Gerry R. Cox, Peter Ford, Andrea Sullivan, Robert G. Stevenson, Mark Vandebraak, Harold Ivan Smith, Andrew Vitale, Susan Adams, Rebecca J. Gilbert, Kathleen R. Gilbert, Laurel Hilliker, and Andy McNeil.

ISBN-10: 1561233005

ISBN-13: 978-1561233007

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    Albeit a bit all in, this book explores a wide view...

    Posted by Andrew Vitale on Aug 18th 2020

    Disclosing that I wrote 2 chapters up front, but overall, this book takes a broad look at trauma and other things that bring us down cause grief (like bullying) the chapters open a storyline to not only assist children, but our "inside children" as adults too. I triple-dog-dare-you to purchase and read it! We're never too old to learn.

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