Finding Hope

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Finding Hope

This book tells the story of Hope, a young girl who is grieving the death of her mother. Hope’s father takes her to a grief center where she is able to share her feelings, not feel alone and find happiness in the memory of her mother. Words and phrases in the book are based on actual comments made by children in Mourning Hope support groups.

“Bereaved youth are often referred to as ‘forgotten mourners’ in our society,” said Carly Runestad, Mourning Hope executive director. “Childhood bereavement is extremely common, yet rarely discussed. And it’s very difficult to find any children’s literature that illustrates a child seeking support at a grief center. Many bereaved children and teens feel isolated and alone in their grief and as a result, many youths in our community suffer in silence. Finding Hope is a way for us to acknowledge that they are not forgotten and that there is support, healing and hope to be found.”

Finding Hope also features a dedication “to the courageous youth and adults, who for over 20 years, have allowed Morning Hope volunteers and staff to walk alongside them during their personal grief journeys. And to all of the volunteers who give so freely of their hearts—thank you for ensuring that no child ever grieves alone, and for helping bereaved families, once again, find hope."

Book Information

Author: Jon Lundeen 

Illustrations: Dan Dunbar

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