Affordable Ways to Cope and Feel Your Best During Quarantine

Affordable Ways to Cope and Feel Your Best During Quarantine

Social distancing orders may help slow the spread of COVID-19, but these requirements can also leave you feeling lonely and out of touch with the world. If you’re like most people, your favorite activities and hobbies have probably been put on hold due to the virus. Because there’s no telling how long quarantine and social distancing orders may stay in place, it’s helpful to establish a new normal for yourself in order to cope. Below, find out what you can do to maintain routines and feel your best when you’re stuck inside.

Being Mindful

When you’re stuck at home, you’re probably spending a lot more time with your thoughts. While this might provide a good opportunity to start meditating, it’s sometimes hard to block out negative thoughts that you’d rather not dwell on.

Even if you would rather not spend time with unwanted thoughts, it’s not always easy to tame them. Aside from adjusting your mindset, starting a journal is one of the best ways to reflect on your thoughts.

Forming a journaling habit can help you explore your feelings. And with less social interaction these days, it can be a therapeutic outlet for expressing yourself. Best of all, you can make your own journal with stuff you already have lying around your home.

Eating Well

Grocery shopping has become a major source of stress for most people during the pandemic. Even though you can order groceries online or get meals with curbside pickup, it can be hard to eat healthy during social distancing.

For one thing, it’s difficult to avoid overeating when you’re working from home. For another, it’s challenging to come up with new recipes to cook every night. Luckily, there are many ways to get creative with ingredients you’ve already got on hand.

Making a mac and cheese bowl or skillet rice can be a fun way to shake things up while using things in your pantry. Plus, by shopping your own pantry, you can avoid unused food going to waste while also slashing your grocery budget.

Staying Fit

If you’ve got a gym membership, now might be the perfect time to cancel it. Most gyms are closed indefinitely to follow social distancing orders, which means you probably haven’t gotten much use out of your membership lately. Plus, most people with memberships don’t use them often enough to get their money’s worth anyway.

When you rely on the gym, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else to stay in shape. However, there are actually lots of free ways to burn calories at home.

Working out at home saves money but may also motivate you to exercise more regularly. There are countless health benefits to working out on a regular basis. Aside from getting fit, your routine can even help your mental health, which is good news if social distancing has left you feeling isolated.

Practicing Self-Care

Eating right, being mindful, and exercising are all ways to practice self-care, but it goes beyond those basics. There are countless ways to take better care of yourself, whether it’s finding time to relax, making an effort to reach out to loved ones, or even spending time looking your best.

The concept of self-care has become extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason. But in response, the market has unfortunately been flooded with pricey and exclusive products that would have you believe self-care is only for those who are well-off.

Luckily, that’s not the case with everything. By shopping sales and using coupon codes, you can get amazing deals on self-care products from your favorite retailers. For example, body lotions, fragrances, and candles from places such as Bath & Body Works can all become part of your self-care routine without breaking the bank. You can use these BBW tips to save even more; tips include purchasing during their Semi-Annual Sale and shopping through sites like Rakuten.

Being stuck in quarantine can disrupt all your routines and make you feel isolated. This can quickly become a recipe for disaster for your mental and physical health. However, by making new routines and striving to care for yourself every day, you can thrive despite the world being on lockdown. 

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