Found Poem of a Griever

Found Poem of a Griever

August 2022

(based on Griever voice from the article – A Brief Encounter of the Grief Kind)

*Found poem is one where material from existing piece(s) of writing is selectively pulled and then patched, knitted together to compose a new piece.

Things…died in me.

My heart has stopped.

You wouldn’t believe what it’s like on some days

when I get home and close the door. I wrestle.

Doubts…regrets…restlessness and exhaustion;

stillness in the house gets to me. Cold.

Nothing feels right. Pacing. Constant dusk. It feels so…heavy.

She disappeared.

Crazy? Yes.


There are shadows I catch…the hallway…turning the corner.

She used to laugh; ring in my ears. Now, barely a sound.

Sometimes I worry cause I can’t exactly recall…her voice.

Honestly, I don’t have the energy these days to really talk…engage.

[my son] He doesn’t have to say much; just enjoy his company.

I don’t know how to comfort him: What am I to do for my own grieving child?


Never dreamed it would go this way

…want her to be here.

I’ll try to tell her…about her grandmom; she loved her even before birth.


A struggle…to plan for tomorrow;

don’t feel like looking too far ahead right now.

I catch myself – a lot – looking back;

things I told my wife…promises…together. I keep looking back.

I get comfort when I realize wonderful times the Lord granted me with my wife.

I get tired being asked about…future. It’s not even a year!

Miss her.


Everything has slowed down; my world…slow motion. Everyone else is moving so fast.

Trying to find my way through.

About the Author

Paul Moon is husband to Esther. They have 3 children. Paul works in hospice care. He has authored 2 books: Lost? When people we really like die (for children) and Grieve (for adults), both published by Centering Resources.

Sep 8th 2022 Paul J. Moon

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