I Wish

I Wish

I wish I would have told you how much I loved you so. I thought I had a lot of time before I’d have to let you go.

I wish I would have told you how great I think you are. The things I did or didn’t say will forever leave a scar.

I wish that I could hold your hand and see your smiling face. Ever since the day you left, my world’s a darker place.

I wish that I could call you and talk about our day. I would talk to you forever with a million things to say.

I wish you didn’t have to leave, I wish you could have stayed. I would say I couldn’t miss you more, but it worsens everyday.

These wishes cant come true now because your no longer here with me, but with all the thoughts and memories , in my heart you’ll always be.

About the Author

My name is Melanie Myers and I lost my mom Barbara Heinz to stage 4 breast cancer on August 24th 2017. I started writing shortly after my moms death to help release some of the thoughts and feelings I have that I don't know how else to express. And, I would like to say thank you to my family and friends for supporting me and my writings.

Jul 21st 2021 Melanie Meyer

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