How to Honor and Create Your Connections

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How to Honor and Create Your Connection With Someone Loved After Loss

Simple ideas that create continued bonds and help you live with and beyond your loss.

This book is about three things:

• Forever love that never dies
• Ways to honor your loved one through continued bonds—Over 60 Simple Ideas for connecting and healing. All tried and tested by me.
• A vision of Hope. The critical factor for accepting a new reality.

A Note From Nan:

This book is about “forever love” challenged by grief. It reveals my broken heart creating a path to healing once again allowing you to survive in a world that may always hurt. This book is written after the seventh significant loss in my life, and the hardest yet—the death of my beloved husband.

I can confirm that grief truly never ends. It is carried with you through the memories in your brain and sealed securely by the scars within your heart. I marveled that every emotion I feel I recognize as though it was an enemy long ago forgiven. This becomes the nature of grief. Research shows that it is normal, healthy, and healing to stay connected spiritually to a loved one who died. You may already be doing this without even knowing it had two words to describe it. Continued bonds. This includes things like rituals, habits, talking to your deceased loved one, and doing things they would have liked to see you do. It’s a way to honor grief creatively rather than holding on to it. It’s motivation for living beyond your loss. To prepare for this newest emotional journey, I created a diary of things I did to increase my resiliency and accept this new reality once again. These simple everyday behaviors offer ways to never forget your loved one. They provide hope that the sun will shine again.

Author: Nan Zastrow

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