In the Midst of Caregiving

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Caregiving doesn't always start at the same place. Some of you had the "luxury" of being able to consider becoming a caregiver before you actually had to begin. Others were tossed without warning into caregiving while still others had to join in the dance in the middle of the music. There are lots of concerns and issues for being a caregiver. Let's look first at issues that can emerge before, during, and after caregiving.

Prior to entering the caregiving role some may find that everyone wants to help, but before jumping in, perhaps it would be wise for each family member to consider these questions:

  1. Does the person I'm trying to help really want my help?

  2. Do I have enough information about what is really needed?

  3. Can I handle this? You may take on the role as caregiver and you have no idea whether you can make it.

  4. Should I ask for help? If so, how should I ask, who should I ask, and when should I ask?

Caregiving can be a long journey with many unexpected bumps and detours in the road, so please slow down.

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