Living Well With My Serious Illness

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Living Well With My Serious Illness

An art therapy book for helping children cope with the early stages of a serious illness. Sensitive exercises address the questions children have during this emotional and troubling crisis. Children are encouraged to express their feelings through pictures.

This book offers an honest, gentle way to help kids cope with chronic illness.  Through the creative and interactive drawing activities in this book, kids can learn to: Understand their illness, Develop healthy coping skills, Express difficult feelings in healthy ways, Learn appropriate self-care, Communicate more effectively, Find comfort and nurturing, Regain a sense of power, Share fears and concerns, Maintain a healthy sense of self, Integrate illness into their lives.

Book Information

Author: By Marge Eaton Heegaard

ISBN-10: 1577491394

ISBN-13: 978-1577491392

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