Precious Lives Painful Choices: A Prenatal Decision-making Guide

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Precious Lives Painful Choices:  A Prenatal Decision-making Guide

This sensitive book offers a comprehensive discussion of the options available to prospective parents after hearing bad results from prenatal testing. The pros and cons of both termination and continuing the pregnancy are presented in a non-judgmental way, offering families information and reassurance that they must do what is right for themselves. Quotes and stories from people who have both continued and ended the pregnancy are included, clearly showing that neither choice is easy and neither one offers a short cut. Both are painful and life-altering. Too often family, friends and even medical caregivers may put on pressure about what they think would be best. The big question is, 'Which decision is the one that you can live with for the rest of your life.' Excellent resource list and bibliography are included. Families are encouraged to read this guide at the time of their decision-making, before they make a permanent choice.

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Author: Sherokee Ilse

ISBN-10: 0960945695

ISBN-13: 978-0960945696

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