Stepparenting the Grieving Child

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Stepparenting the Grieving Child: Cultivating Past and Present Connections with Children Who Have Lost a Parent

In Stepparenting the Grieving Child, Diane Ingram Fromme shares the assumptions and presumptions, steps and missteps that occurred within her own stepfamily. Diane faced the key challenges any new stepparent to grieving children experiences, including helplessness to know how and when to offer comfort, awkwardness to identify the times and ways to memorialize the lost parent, and outsider blues--not only feeling uncomfortable in her own home but also in her own skin

With personal examples, insights from other stepfamilies, and knowledge gained through experience and research, Diane provides information relevant to anyone who supports grieving children. Diane's straightforward approach will help you:
  • Gain a more relaxed mindset toward stepparenting through grief
  • Learn meaningful ways to include and memorialize the lost parent
  • Help the natural parent claim his or her role in the grieving family
In Stepparenting the Grieving Child you'll find hope, strength, and inspiration for the journey ahead, no matter where you are now.

Book Information

Author: Diane Ingram Fromme 

ISBN-10: 1939919479

ISBN-13: 978-1939919472

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