The Strange & Curious Guide to Trauma

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'Our book about trauma features buzzy bees stuck in your tummy, yes, and also science and superheroes, carrots and lambs, lollies and, unfortunately for me, baboons...'

Join Ordinary Jo, some people, Courtney Cortisol, Amy Amygdala and friends to be guided through the curious world of trauma. This fully illustrated guide for children aged 8-12 features an array of quirky characters and facts about trauma woven into a therapeutic story. Learn why some carrots grow perfectly straight, others wonky and wobbly - and why that's ok! Find out all the clever ways our strange and curious bodies keep us safe all the time, and what the different nutty parts of our brain do for us when we are afraid! Discover all this and more to understand your own experiences, body, and even friends better too. (And just in case you don't remember it all, there is a summary of all the things we have learnt at the end)

Let knowledge and kindness become your superpower by learning all the strange and curious things about Trauma!

Book Information

Author: Sally Donovan

Illustrator: Emmi Smid

102 pages

Approx. dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5-1/2" wide x 3/8" thick x 8-1/2" tall

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