When A Man Faces Grief:  12 Practical Ideas to Help You Heal from Loss / A Man You Know Is Grieving:  12 Ideas for Helping Him Heal from Loss

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This innovative double book by Thomas R. Golden and James E. Miller is for two related groups of people. One half of this book is for the bereaved and contains 12 foundational suggestions, in short, easy-to-read chapters. The second half is for those who want to assist a man who is grieving.
The authors are careful to note that there tends to be a masculine mode of grieving that is distinct from a more feminine mode and that these modes are actually independent of one’s gender. Some women may grieve in the more traditionally masculine way, for example.
The masculine mode tends to connect with grief through action rather than interaction. It often uses fewer words and therefore is less visible. Chapter titles for this first half include “Tap into your grief with actions and rituals,” “Care for those around you,” “Tell your story,” and “Call upon your courage.”
The second half is written for those who want to understand and support those who grieve in a more typically masculine way. Chapter titles include, “Men who are grieving often value their aloneness,” “Men often respond more cognitively to their loss,” and “A good way to help a man heal is to concentrate on your own healing.”

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Author: Thomas R. Golden and James E. Miller

ISBN10: 1-885933-27-4

ISBN13: 978-1-885933-27-0

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