When You Know You’re Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You Through the Days Ahead

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“If you don’t know how to die, don’t worry.  Nature herself will teach you in the proper time.” – Michael De Montaigne   What was true 400 years ago for this French writer is true today.  As a culture, however, we are not as close to those lessons as we once were.  As individuals, we are not as sure how to die.  When it comes our time, we feel at a loss, asking, “How do we do this?” Jim Miller has created twelve basic, helpful guidelines to assist those who know their time on earth is limited.  This honest, affirming book leads the one who’s dying to understand the importance of meeting the needs of their whole person–body, mind, heart, and soul.

This book is companion to his One You Love Is Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You on the Journey.

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Author: James E. Miller
ISBN10: 1-885933-24-X ISBN13: 978-1-885933-24-9

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