Choosing to Survive: Loved Ones of Murder Victims Tell Their Stories

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Choosing to Survive: Loved Ones of Murder Victims Tell Their Stories reveals in bracing psychological and emotional terms what murder leaves behind. The life-changing grief and staggering personal pain experienced by the loved ones of murder victims is unflinchingly portrayed in this book’s personal essays and interviews, intimate recollections which serve as a sobering and realistic counterpoint to the trivialization and commercialization of murder in American media and popular culture.

The focus throughout the book is on the survival of bereaved parents and other loved ones, and on the heroic choices these anguished people have made to live on in their lives, in the presence of unresolved grief and in some instances unresolved legal cases. Demonstrating the empowering nature of storytelling and personal narrative exposition, this is a book that will press home to the reader the colossal devastation that the murder of a loved one brings to a family. The unique world between these covers is one of searing pain, but also one of love unvanquished. Choosing to Survive conveys the precious value of life, the horror of homicide, and the power of the human spirit.

Book Information

Author: Brad Stetson

ISBN: 978-1-56123-269-7

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