Living When a Loved One Has Died

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Living When a Loved One Has Died

It is impossible to comprehend the intense anguish of loss–until death comes to someone you love.  With the death of a loved one, you feel that part of you has died, too. You fear that your pain will last forever. You ask yourself if you will ever know the meaning of joy again. Living When a Loved One Has Died is written for you–to help you understand and work through your grief and to pick up the pieces of your unique and valuable life. I am indebted to the thousands of deeply wounded men, women, and children who have willingly shared their broken hearts with me. They have been my inspiration. It is my hope that this new edition will continue to help those in pain. Grief is a process.  Recovery is now your choice. 

Book Information

Author: Earl A. Grollman

ISBN10: 0-8070-2719-7


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