When a Friend Dies

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When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens About Grieving & Healing

The death of a friend is a wrenching event for anyone at any age and can spark feelings that range from sadness to guilt to anxiety. Teenagers especially need help coping with grief and loss. This sensitive book answers questions grieving teens often have, like “How should I be acting?” “How long will this last?” and “What if I can’t handle my grief on my own?” The book also addresses the complicated emotions that can accompany the death of an acquaintance, as opposed to a close friend. The advice is gentle, non-preachy, and compassionate; recommended for parents and teachers of teens who have experienced a painful loss.

Book Information

Author: Marilyn E Gootman, Ed.D.
ISBN10: 1-57542-170-4
ISBN13: 978-1-57542-170-4

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