How a Fortune Cookie Can Heal Grief: Twelve Gifts of Hope– A Project in Grief Work

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“In a world of sadness and grief, hope is the spark of sanity that allows us to look at something differently and imagine the bright spot.”  Hope.  Did you ever think that a fortune cookie could offer a profound message of comfort, happiness, and peace in a life stressed by grief? Nan uses the simple fortune cookie to weave a modern parable of life and teach the value of attitude and choice in grief work. The fortune cookie demonstrates the concept of HOPE.  Sometimes we are so consumed by our grief that we fail to recognize hope happening in our lives and waiting to be discovered. This book teaches us not to dismiss the small acts of kindness that help us accept that though life may not be the same, it can be good again. Discover what you might be missing!

Nan challenged individuals to participate in a project using the fortune cookie as the “tool.” The project offered Twelve Gifts of Hope that the bereaved can either receive from others or give to themselves. This book documents the proven results. Each of the Twelve Gifts of Hope is outlined in detail with suggestions that will appeal to everyone as they discover the power to heal their own grief.

You will also find alternate suggestions for creating a similar project or you can just experience the peace and joy that others received from their discovery. You do not need to create a project to use the Twelve Gifts of Hope checklist to create personal enthusiasm. You will embrace countless possibilities for finding hope in the suggestions and personal stories; and you will be inspired to always look for the bright spot.

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Author: Nan Zastrow

ISBN10: 1-56123-219-2

ISBN13: 978-1-56123-219-2

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