The Anger of Grief

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How to Understand, Embrace, and Restoratively Express Explosive Emotions After a Loss

Anger in grief is natural. It’s normal to feel anger and other explosive emotions such as hate, blame, terror, resentment, rage, and jealousy after the death of someone you love or another significant life loss. Yet it’s challenging to experience these feelings day after day. And it can be hard knowing what to do about them. Allowing them to seethe and build up inside you is not the answer. Neither is lashing out at people who care about you. This book will show you how to understand and express your anger and other explosive emotions in restorative ways. Learning to be with your anger and soothe it will not only help you on your healing journey in grief, it will also give you tools for living the remainder of your days with less suffering and more joy. If you are angry, let us begin.

Book Information

Words of Hope and Healing Series

Author: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Dimensions: 5" x 7" x 3/16" thick

51 pages

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