Surviving Widowhood

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Suggestions from Widowed People to You for Coping with the Death of Your Husband, Wife, or Partner

A book that offers 49 excellent suggestions straight from more than 40 widowed people—What helps? What doesn’t? Chapters include: Dealing with Grief, Worry, Sleep and Dreams; Feeling Alone, Getting Things Done While Taking Care of Myself; The Ups and Downs of Life without My Loved One; Dealing with Others in the Midst of My Loss; Dealing with My Children; Considering a Relationship and more.

Book Information

Author: by Elaine Eggebraaten, John Hanson, Lori Keller, Tally Reynolds, Suzan Styer and Bob Baugher, Ph.D. & Margarita Suarez, MA, RN, Consultants

ISBN-10: 0996869212

ISBN-13: 978-0996869218

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