Understanding Guilt During Bereavement

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Understanding Guilt During Bereavement

The first 28 pages of this 55-page book describe the guilt process, including 14 types of guilt that may occur during the bereavement process. The remainder of the book offers 22 suggestions for coping with guilt. This book will not tell you not to feel guilty. It is written to help bereaved people gain insight into their guilt feelings and to begin the process of moving beyond the heavy burden of guilt. Includes short stories.

With 40 contributors who shared their insights into guilt during bereavement, this book covers all of the “if-onlys” and “should’ves.” Includes 14 guilt reactions and 22 specific suggestions for coping with guilt.

Book Information

Author: Bob Baugher, Ph.D.

ISBN10: 0-963975-1-5

ISBN13: 978-0-9635975-1-9

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