Why Don't They Cry?: Understanding Your Living Child’s Grief

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Zander Sprague was devasted when his sister Lucy was murdered. But he did not want to further burden his parents in their time of profound grief. Many families are at a loss at how to connect when they need each other most. Later, many parents asked Zander, “Why don’t they cry?” which prompted this book for parents and sibling survivors. This book will guide you through the troubling waters when you are facing your own grief and the grief of your loved ones.

“The loss of a child is traumatic for parents and siblings, oftentimes causing breakdowns in communication and distance between family members. Zander uses his personal experience and passion for the care of sibling survivors to provide meaningful insight for parents who are seeking to reconnect with their surviving children.” ~ Laura Sobiech, Author of Clouds: A Memoir

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Author: Zander Sprague

119 pages

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