Carry You With Me

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Carry You With Me

Carry You With Me is a heartfelt story of a mother’s love, loss, healing and hope.   Whimsical illustrations are brought to life with deeply rooted words and symbols.  Together we remember the great loves we have lost and cherish all the ways we carry them with us forever.

After the loss of the family's second son, Marshall James Knobben, Alanna Knobben turned to paper and pen to begin the grieving and healing process.  Letters to her son soon evolved into the beginnings of Carry You With Me.  

This book is written from a mother's perspective of love, loss, pain and isolation that with time and great care transitioned through to healing, hope and endless love.

The loss of every great life impacts not only parents and siblings, but extended family, friends, co-workers and communities.  Each with a story to tell.  We hope that this book brings us together to support one another and invites the conversation to begin outside the book.  

Book Information

Author: Alanna Knobben


Illustrated: Katie M. Berggren

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