Pets Help With Grief

Pets Help With Grief

Pets help carry us through the highs and the lows as we go through life and are often in tune to how we feel during sadness and loss, but they are also in tune with other emotions such as happiness.

They seem to connect to us on a deeper level because they have feelings too. Our pets are always by our side showing us loyalty and trust and hold no judgment towards us. They are accepting of who we are, and live in the moment as a free spirit. Pets do help us heal through the darkest times in our lives. Oh, how I wish they could talk!

My daughter, Elianna passed away at the tender age of 12 in August 2011 from a brain hemorrhage. Elianna's passing was very unexpected, and it was a shock to our family and the community. We will always remember her, the young girl with the radiant smile and the most beautiful mane of red hair. She had a caring heart and inner beauty that sparkled within and radiated on the outside. She was our eldest child.

The pain of losing a child is one of life's harshest blows to a parent. The grief is unfathomable, and I would not wish it upon anyone. A tragedy does change us because, in time, we start to look at life from a new perspective as we continue. We begin to grasp onto our faith which helps give us the strength we need to pull forward. Faith also helps us see the meaning of life and death and that death is just the beginning of a new life in heaven.

Several years before Elianna passed away we adopted a special little dog, called Ace from a friend of mine. Ace was a Boston Terrier. Elianna maintained a very special little friendship with Ace and had his picture on her phone. Ace was partially blind, snored rather loudly, he had stinky breath and slept ALL day long. He only woke up if he could smell an aroma from the kitchen. These imperfect traits made Elianna love him even more probably because he was not a perfect specimen of a dog, but in her eyes, he was the most loving, and best dog anyone would wish to have.

I have learned so much about my pets and how they have helped me through my grief. I would lay with all three of my dogs for hours until I had no more tears to cry. They would comfort me and listen to me in their unique way and would act as silent, loving companions giving me the love and attention I needed.

I do believe to this day that Elianna was sending energy through Ace, her beloved dog which we sensed when we stroked and cuddled him. I believe all three of my dogs sensed something was different when my daughter fell ill that fateful August day. I feel they intuitively seemed to understand what we were going through as a family, and how sad we all were which is of great comfort in itself. I know they were sad too. They were able to reach us in a much deeper way through unconditional love which brings out a soul connection, and they were able to help fill this dark empty void within me and fill it with love. Sadly, Molly, Pepper, and Ace are no longer with us, but I will never forget their loving presence and how they comforted us during the darkest time in our lives.

I do miss them still, but I know my daughter, Elianna was there to greet them when they crossed over, reunited once again exchanging heartfelt hugs and kisses with her beloved friends. I am a great believer in the afterlife, a place where love exists, and pain does not.

A pets love is healing to the heart and the soul. They are able to bring out this Christ-like energy from within us which makes this soul connection. The love we have for our pets continues even after they leave us. Love is a connection to all things; love continues on from this world to the next and is the most powerful element of the universe.


After the sudden tragic loss of Louise's daughter, Elianna, Louise became very driven trying to search for answers during her turbulent journey of grief. She became deeply interested in spirituality and began reading books on life and death. In 2014, Louise started to write her first book, Journey to the Rainbow. In 2015, she enrolled in the University of Metaphysical Sciences and received her Masters Degree in Divinity. Since then Louise wrote her second book The Power of Eternal Love. Louise continues writing and has just recently finished her third book called Dimensions of Transition which will be available this Summer. Louise resides in Wisconsin with her husband, Dan, two children and their cat Rufus and their English Springer Spaniel, Dovey.

Louise Suzanne Boyd, M.Div

Apr 17th 2019 Louise Suzanne Boyd, M.Div

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