First You Die: Learn to Live After the Death of Your Child

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First You Die: Learn to Live After the Death of Your Child

After several years of writing a regular column about the despair, anger and confusion she felt after the death of her only child, Marie weaves the story of her own bereavement into a collection of essays, poems and writings that chronicle her own surviving mother’s journey.

FIRST YOU DIE chronicles a mother’s harrowing and painful journey after the death of her only child and the daily steps of courage and strength it took to begin to live again and realize the incredible healing gift her son left behind.  It is a must read for any parent who has ever lost a part of their soul.” – James Van Praagh, Author of Talking to Heaven

“Clearly a significant addition to the literature of bereavement, particularly for parents whose children have died.  It is very well done and strikes a chord even with those of us who do not share the experience of that most painful loss.” – Michael Wilt, Augsburg Books

“Such deep, unfathomable grief makes poets of us all.  Only the quietly written word wrenched from the depths of the soul comes close to describing the pain.  We the grieving translate the keening cries and the desperate screams of disbelief into the poetry that consoles us.” – Marie Levine

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Author: Marie Levine

ISBN10: 1-59457-052-3

ISBN13: 978-1-59457-052-0

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