Doggone Grief Game

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Doggone Grief Game

This board game is designed to help kids share their feelings about a special person who died. Communication is the first step toward healing.  Feedback from both children and adults has been very positive.

How to Play To play Doggone Grief:  Players pick dog tokens and roll the dice to move around the game board. When the token lands on an “emotion” space – mad, sad, happy, scared or wild – the player picks a dog card. The emotion cards show dogs in various activities that reveal their grief emotions, too, such as the Sad Card on the left.  On the back of the card is a statement about what is going on with the dog in the picture. The card also includes a question or two for players to answer about themselves or their loved one who died. Children who have played Doggone Grief say the game is a great way to share their grief feelings.

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