When the Holidays Hurt

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Practical Ideas and Inspiration for Healing Grief

When the Holidays Hurt, the death of someone loved may be the reason associated with the lonesomeness and pain.  Life and holidays, as you once knew them have changed.  Everything that once seemed to support the reason for the season has lost its magic.   No one seems to notice that you are grieving.  What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with decisions and overcome by emotions?  How do you begin to balance the needs of both family and friends and still calm your anxiety?   In this collection of articles and essays, Nan Zastrow writes about managing the traditions.  She explains how to transform the holiday into something that becomes a blend of old and new.  This allows the family to move forward making healing decisions that not only shelter their pain but allow them to find some joy.

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Author: Nan Zastrow

ISBN13: 978-1-56123-520-9

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